PRS development, Wynyard

    Working with PRS Capital on behalf of Places for People, Logic were appointed to produce a masterplan for 105 dwellings on one of the UK’s first 100% Private rented residential developments.

    The Logic...

    In response to the constraints and topography, a masterplan evolved which would work with the hard edged Public Open Space adjacent to the site and use it as an opportunity to become the focal point to the entire scheme. By locating the road along the edge of the POS this significant community focussed resource will benefit from a constant stream of activity which will benefit from passive surveillance throughout the day. The ‘knuckle’ at the corner of the POS serves as central focus to the entire development from which the rest of the scheme extends with a series of vistas leading to significant nodes. To ensure the scheme responds to its location and takes account of the context of relatively low density housing, the most visible plots, particularly to the north will be detached to match neighbouring sites fronting the Wynyard loop road.

    Corporation Road, Middlesbrough

    Appointed by Chaloner Group, Logic were commissioned to design a multi storey residential building that would maximise density built within the footprint of the former Cleveland Scientific Institute building.

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    Mountain Bike Centre

    Logic were appointed to prepare a feasibility study for the creation of a mountain bike centre proposed for an undulating rural site.

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    Boho Village, Middlehaven

    Appointed by new developers Bright Ideas and Middlesbrough Development Company, Logic designed a range of of new houses and apartments overlooking the previously regenerated Middlehaven Park in the shadow of the infamous Transporter bridge.

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