Why we do what we do...

We enjoy ‘adding value’ to society and our environment and are in the fortunate position that every one of our team loves their job.  We particularly enjoy how our design skills can influence and make a difference to our physical and social environment and strive to educate our clients in how they can minimise their impact on the earths resources by using sustainable construction methods.

We also enjoy helping those less fortunate than ourselves which is why the regeneration of our towns and cities features so heavily in our work.  We also continually help and invest time helping community focussed charities, institutions and communities, offering sponsorship, guidance and support to those who more than ever post COVID-19 desperately need to maximise their Return on Investment.   

As a proud member of the Infant Hercules Philanthropic Club and supporters of Big Issue North in addition to offering support to local charities such as Middlesbrough Food Bank & Daisychain we ensure a percentage of our time / profits are constantly reinvested into our community.

Irrespective of sector, scale or budget we believe we all need to be smarter and more efficient in our use of ‘space’ and as a benefit reap the financial rewards for operating more efficiently.

“Our approach is to ‘add value’ whether it be via the quality of the space we create, the efficiency of the process within, or optimise the return on investment it achieves.”

We are fanatical about helping our clients extract maximum efficiency from their assets and development opportunities. Public or private, commercial or domestic, if people in the UK were smarter and more efficient in their use of space, we could all benefit from an improved and optimized environment that will cost less to create, maintain and use.

Having historically designed and delivered some of the most affordable award winning buildings in the UK, the Logic team have proven skills to ensure optimum value for money. We also pride ourselves on delivering projects on time and on budget, in fact we guarantee that good Logical design doesn’t cost more it invariably costs less.

Efficient and affordable design solutions that successfully satisfy their brief and function by creating great places to live, learn, work or play will be inherently sustainable providing long-term solutions.

We also share the belief that human activity is contributing to climate change. With the built environment being responsible for a third of global greenhouse emissions we are very aware of the positive role that we can play as designers in reducing carbon footprints and energy consumption through the design of buildings.

With a skilled team that have experience in designing and delivering a new build project with of the UK’s lowest carbon footprints, plus a domestic refurbishment that reduced energy use by 80% we are particularly skilled at designing buildings that can become self sufficient and carbon neutral using Passivhaus design techniques.