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TeesAMP is a new 11 hectare site that will address the national shortage of high quality buildings suitable for modern advanced manufacturing companies and processes.
Representing an investment of £55m – and counting – TeesAMP will make a significant contribution to the economy of Tees Valley attracting excellent firms and the jobs they will bring. Set in a prime location in Middlesbrough at the heart of Tees Valley, TeesAMP will provide a 21st century environment designed to encourage the clustering of like-minded businesses from a variety of industrial sectors.The modern facilities will help businesses maximise potential for products and services and help Tees Valley become synonymous with advanced manufacturing and emerging technologies.

The Logic..

By utilizing the river frontage we designed a masterplan that would ensure as many units as possible benefit from a river view by orientating all units to ‘face out’ into the park. This layout combined with a significant landscaped boulevard approach gives the impression of a business park to visitors as opposed to an industrial park.

All buildings are designed to suit a regular grid across the park to ease expansion and adaptation with modular cores containing servicing, stairs, lifts & WC’s but with the option to expand into the adjacent bay with arrange of fit out options.

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