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Abbey Road

The Logic..

Working with a tapering plot running northwest to southeast it seemed appropriate that the replacement dwelling should follow a similar arrangement to the existing dwelling where the existing ridge and form followed the centreline of the plot keeping the mass of the dwelling in the centre of the plot whilst offering views to either garden from each gable and preventing any overlooking of neighbours or reduction in their amenity to the sides.

This logic introduces a different influence angle to the design which if followed in a true ‘form follows function’ approach creates a dynamic juxtaposition of the two forms,particularly where they overlap giving an obvious opportunity to create a recess for the front door. Located at the mid-point of the dwelling the front door leads to a hallway where the three forms converge. This double height space with glazing to both ends will create a dramatic hallway bathed in natural light whilst also celebrating the culmination of the there elements whose materials can also be expressed internally to give the impression that the hallway is perceived as an external space. Following a difficult planning process which had to overcome local opposition to such a dramatic design, approval was gained late 2017 with demolition shortly after. Logic are now working up a tender package with a view to commencing construction early 2018.

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