Abbey Road

    On a recommendation from another architect, Logic were commissioned to design a contemporary new replacement dwelling in a leafy suburb of Darlington.

    The Logic...

    Having first established that the existing dwelling could not be satisfactorily and economically remodelled, the decision was taken to demolish the existing dormer bungalow and replace it with another two storey dwelling but with the ground and first floor seperated from each other.

    With a tapering plot running northwest to southeast, a concept emerged with the ground floor orientated across the plot aligned with the original footprint, with the second floor rotated and running perpendicular. Having located the higher two storey element in the centre of the plot it was then possible to demonstrate that despite being two storey in scale it did not have a detrimental impact on the amenity or sunlight reaching the neighbours to ether side.

    This dramatic juxtaposition of the two built forms, crossing each other offered a natural location for the front door under the intersection, and also providing a suitable break at the at the mid-point of the dwelling separating a formal lounge from the main body of the house. Following a difficult planning process which had to overcome local opposition due to the house being such a dramatic departure from the rest of the street, planning approval was granted late 2017 and was constructed using SIPS during 2018.

    Corporation Road, Middlesbrough

    Appointed by Chaloner Group, Logic was commissioned to design a multi-storey residential building that would maximise density built within the footprint of the former Cleveland Scientific Institute building.

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    Tower Green Village

    Mountain Bike Centre

    Logic was appointed to prepare a feasibility study to create a mountain bike centre proposed for an undulating rural site.

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